Right Click Fix Ltd


Hi, I’m Andy Winter and I fix computers for local people in a friendly and informative manner. I work from home and sometimes do full-time work seeing as the industry has evolved into smart phone and tablets usage (disposable) but I keep Right Click Fix going to be here for you. For the fastest fix just call me on 07821055566 and I’ll do what I can to help you out. Messaging via social media in this line of business is too long winded as there’s too much information required from me in order to help you out so pick up the phone! If I don’t answer leave a quick message and I’ll ring you back as soon as I get it. If you don’t want to leave a message just ring me back and try again, I won’t ring a missed call as there’s too much spam about these days and too many people ring just for a free fix/advice wasting my time.


Since 2007 I’ve ran Right Click Fix as a local computer repair business working from home to minimise running costs and have also amassed a huge customer base who rely upon my honesty, integrity and fairness with trust being my biggest asset of them all. Problem solving and diagnosis are my strong points as well as being a working class citizen and proud to be geordie! I don’t profess to be a proffessional which shows through but I will fix your problem or tell you where to go lol. I get on with people in a friendly manner without spouting all the jargon you don’t want or need to hear and get you where you want to be.

If you need a computer repaired within the North East region then look no further than Right Click Fix. I’ll do what ever I can to get you sorted as quickly as possible! I’ve repaired computers since the days of Windows 98 onwards and have amassed a huge amout of computer knowledge along the way so won’t list what I do. I don’t fix phones or tablets as they’re disposable items these days and not worth repairing mostly. If you have a gaming PC or laptop problem I’m your man, ring me! If your in a hurry and need me urgently please just ring me on 07821055566 and I’ll do all I can to help.

Andy Winter | 32 Hurworth Avenue | Harton | South Shields | NE347SG | 07821055566


It’s difficult to put a price on a computer problem without having seen the issue and diagnosed it. The way the economy is currently has had a huge reflection on all businesses. Fuel prices have rocketed and i need to cover my costs so for simplicity I charge £60 to call out to your home/office etc. If i diagnose the problem as a likely time consuming one I’ll take the computer away to be repaired and still charge the same fee unless its a hardware issue.

If you come to our home/workshop expect to pay between £20 to £50 for my time and patience. Obviously hardware is an extra but I have given some lucky people with older computers a free memory upgrade to boost it for them. If you do call in for a repair please note that I’ve got 2 dogs and 2 cats so if you have any issues do let me know beforehand so we can facilitate for you.

Sometimes I get odd requests as in data recovery which is very time consuming and uses a lot of electricity and time. Other times it can be a simple repair by myself where my experience has given you a quick fix but what your paying for is that experience and knowledge. I hope this gives you an insight to how I work but be rest assured you in the best and most capable and trustworthy hands.


Prior to taking on your computer repair I need to a lot of information eg; how old is it? pre Windows 10? If Apple then is it pre 2014? There’s many more questions and it takes a lot to type it all in messenger apps and is too time consuming!

I’ve closed the Facebook page and removed WhatsApp as I get too many questions without getting any return on them. Please pick up your phone and call me if you need my help and to ask me questions. Messaging is too long winded and I don’t have the time for it! Feel free to email me but you’ll have to wait until I can respond as i sometimes do agency work and can be out all day.

Call andy On 07821055566 for the quickest answer!