Right Click Fix vs Employment

Running a computer repair business these days is very difficult. As most will be aware practically all computer shops are now closed or closing down. This has a lot to do with the internet (which I predicted in 1996 saying the high street will become a thing of the past and it now is!) and shopping on-line. it also has a lot to do with the evolution of computers with most of us having a smart phone, tablet and a laptop or PC and some have them all!

Most tablets and smart phones are disposable due to the non economical value of the repair (charging port and screen replacements). Most people with a broken laptop simply bin it and replace it but somehow in 2022 there’s been a surge of requests for repairs on older laptops and PC’s as people are forced into it by rising prices.

Also, the post COVID way of working from home and hybrid working has had a huge impact on the repair industry! PC gamers read up on-line on building themselves a ‘rig’ and many get by but a lot fail and need someone to fix or finish it off when it all goes wrong and thankfully I’m still here!

Due to all of the above I need to maintain a living and in 2020 got a job out there in the real world and realised just how big the computer industry is in the business/commercial world! So I look for work in the computer industry or wherever I can get a decent wage to get by in life whilst keeping Right Click Fix going in the background to help those that need it and need someone experienced to trust. I hope that explains why I do what I do as i get a lot of questions about my availability.

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