It’s difficult to put a price on a computer problem without having seen the issue and diagnosed it. The way the economy is currently has had a huge reflection on all businesses. Fuel prices have rocketed and i need to cover my costs so for simplicity I charge £60 to call out to your home/office etc. If i diagnose the problem as a likely time consuming one I’ll take the computer away to be repaired and still charge the same fee unless its a hardware issue.

If you come to our home/workshop expect to pay between £20 to £50 for my time and patience. Obviously hardware is an extra but I have given some lucky people with older computers a free memory upgrade to boost it for them. If you do call in for a repair please note that I’ve got 2 dogs and 2 cats so if you have any issues do let me know beforehand so we can facilitate for you.

Sometimes I get odd requests as in data recovery which is very time consuming and uses a lot of electricity and time. Other times it can be a simple repair by myself where my experience has given you a quick fix but what your paying for is that experience and knowledge. I hope this gives you an insight to how I work but be rest assured you in the best and most capable and trustworthy hands.